step bro i’m stuck audio

♡ step bro i’m stuck audio ♡

14 minutes • this custom audio starts with a phone call, asking my step bro to come help me out in my bedroom. I got stuck trying to plug in my phone behind my bed, but the thing is, I just got out of the shower so I’m completely naked. stop laughing at me, it’s not funny, just come help me! step bro, why are you just standing there, you better not be taking pictures of me! you can’t tell anyone about this, i’m so embarrassed. are you touching my ass on purpose? oh… oh my god, step bro, that’s my pussy, what are you doing? i’m not wet from you it’s just from the shower. but it feels so good with your fingers inside me. step bro slides his finger into my tight asshole and I moan so loud, my pussy dripping everywhere. are you jerking off while you finger me? if you’re going to fuck me, can you at least help me out first? i’ll make you a deal. get me un-stuck and promise not to tell anyone and I’ll let you fuck my ass. oh, your cock is way bigger than i expected, how is that going to fit? let me warm up with a blowjob first, it’s the least I can do since you got me out of there. okay, I’m ready for you, but please go slow and gentle… it’s so big! step bro starts fucking my ass and I go from embarrassed and shy to full on kinky slut. begging step bro to put his fingers in my mouth and then finger my pussy while he’s fucking my ass. I cum so hard and then ask for one more favor. I have a little bit of a kink. I want you to cum on my face, actually I want you to cum all over me. just get it everywhere. I tell you when and where to cum for me and then ask you to feed me the cum. wipe it off me with your fingers and let me taste it. thanks for helping me out, step bro. just promise you won’t tell anyone!!