breed me step bro

♡ breed me, step bro ♡
14 mins • this taboo roleplay video is loaded with dirty talk and teasing. I know you wanna fuck me step bro, I see the way you look at me and I’ve been taunting you for so long. I walk around the house in my skimpy little outfits, driving you wild. and I want something from you, too. I’ll let you fuck me, but you have to get me pregnant. do we have a deal? I tease you with upskirt booty shaking, telling you how bad you want it and what a good deal this is for you. you get to fuck me and cum inside me, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. I play with my nipples to make you squirm, all you have to do is fuck me and don’t pull out. I stopped taking my birth control just for you. finally I lay back and let you get an up close look at my sweet pink pussy while I beg you to fuck me. I whimper as you slide your cock inside me, telling you over and over again how good it feels and how bad I want your cum. you fuck me in various positions until I tell you it’s time to fill me up. video ends with me showing off the huge creampie.