caught with my panties

28 mins • your fav sneaker girl is back with an intense joi edging challenge! 5 rounds, each with its own theme, loaded with dirty talk and jerk off instructions. let the world melt away and focus only on me and my sneakers. I switch back and forth between my white platform converse and my custom pink and green platform converse, using a dildo to demonstrate all the things you could do to my shoes. from soft teasing and gentle instructions to intense dirty talk, detailed descriptions and close ups, a hot sneaker job in several positions, cumming for you with my sneakers in your face, fucking my sneakers with a dildo, and a huge load of cum lube all over my shoes. we start off slow and then heat things up in a big way before giving you a nice cool down and then driving it home in the final round. think you can make it through half and hour of sneaker fetish pleasure?

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