cheat on your gf with me

♡ cheat on your gf with me ♡
24 mins • oh no are you fighting with your girlfriend again? idk why you even bother with her, she’s always causing problems for no reason. if I were your girlfriend, I’d just be so happy to be with you. you’re so great and you know I’ve always had a crush on you. your girlfriend is never gonna find out, so let’s just take your mind off things for a while…. ♡♡♡ includes a lengthy intro scene with lots of flirting, praising you, and seduction. blowjob in multiple positions while I play with my tits and strip down to my panties and t shirt. I pull my panties to the side and get to feel you for the first time. I’ve always wondered what your cock felt like. I get on top and ride you before laying back and cumming hard on your dick.