daddy please get me pregnant

♡ daddy please get me pregnant ♡
15 mins • my first impregnation roleplay! I had so much fun ♡ starts off with a dialogue intro, I tell you I need to ask you for a big favor, I want a bby and I want you to get me pregnant. at first you say no but I pout and whine and beg! I tell you how responsible I am and how badly I want your cummies in me! you finally give in as long as I do whatever you say. first you make me give myself a little spanking, even tho I haven’t been bad! then it’s time to cuddle up with my giant teddy bear and show you how I rub my pussy until it’s wet. i suck my thumb while I play with myself and then ask if i can suck on you instead. I give you a blowjob but I can’t focus because I’m too excited about getting my first creampie, I keep stopping to talk about it. and finally I’m ready to lay back and let you cum inside my tight little pussy. using my fuck machine and lots of cum lube, I get a giant creampie from daddy, then I tell you to keep fucking me so I can cum on your cock