new toy from daddy

♡ new toy from daddy ♡
15 mins • daddy caught me licking a lollipop right before bed! I know I’m not supposed to have candy before bed but I’ve been such a good girl lately and it’s sooo yummy. daddy tells me to give him the lollipop and he’ll give me something else instead. like a present?! it’s a shiny pink ball gag. I don’t know what it is or what it’s for but daddy tells me to put it in my mouth. it doesn’t taste like a lollipop.. I follow daddy’s instructions, whining and whimpering thru the ball gag. I play with the spit coming down my chin. daddy makes me lay down and use the special massager over my panties while i’m moaning thru the ball gag. I moan so hard but it muffles me. I keep whimpering and moaning with the ball gag in until I cum in my panties. I tell daddy how much I liked the new toy, it made me feel so good! but can I please have my lollipop back? daddy gives me my lollipop and inspects my panties while I’m sucking on it. they’re soaking wet and I pull them aside so he can see how wet my pussy got. he makes me rub myself some more even tho it’s sooo sensetive and overwhelming. I moan and wiggle while I play with myself until daddy’s I ask if I can go to bed now and tell daddy goodnight.