risky bathroom fuck

♡ risky bathroom fuck ♡
7 mins • we’re at a party and we sneak off to the bathroom. he pulls me inside and I shut the door behind us, giggling in anticipation. he pushes me up against the sink and his hands wander all over my body. squeezing my tits and ass before he makes his way up my skirt. I don’t have any panties on and he rubs my pussy, I’m so excited and turned on but also very nervous that someone’s going to catch us. I keep telling him we can’t do this here, someone’s going to walk in, but he tells me to be quiet, shoves his fingers in my mouth and starts fingering my wet pussy. he shoves his cock in me from behind and I try to be quiet but I can’t stop moaning. I tell him it’s too loud and he says “well be quiet then” and covers my mouth while pounding away at me from behind. he turns me around lifts up my leg and starts fucking me with his hand over my mouth. I moan and whimper trying to tell him we’re gonna get caught! “I think someone’s coming!” he covers my mouth again and cums inside me, right there in the bathroom.