step bro what are you doing

♡ step bro, what are you doing? ♡
15 mins • I’m just laying on the couch, minding my own business, when step bro comes up and steals the remote right off my lap! I yell at him “hey what the hell are you doing? I was watching that!” I snatch the remote back and we fight over it until I shove it down my shorts “if you want it so bad, come and take it” – to my surprise, he reaches down my shorts and takes the remote! then he starts grabbing my tits “step bro, what are you doing?” he pulls down my top revealing my tits in a see thru bra. I’m stunned while he’s feeling me up all over. I get into it a little bit but I’m still mad at him for taking the remote. He flips me over, pulls down my shorts, and starts fingering me. oh my god, stepbro, what has gotten into you?? I keep taunting him saying “what are you gonna do, fuck me?” but then he takes his cock out!! “wait are you actually going to fuck me? you’re my brother!” but it’s too late, his cock is in me now and it feels SO good. I’m moaning like crazy while he’s fucking me doggy style. I get on my knees for him and I’m about to suck his cock but “I can’t believe I’m doing this” I start sucking and get really into it, still taunting him “are you gonna cum for me, step bro? are you gonna cum on your sister’s face” and I finally get a cumshot right on my face! // the audio isn’t perfect on this one! there’s background lofi music for the tv noise and it kinda goes in and out, it’s also a little weird audio during the POV shots but not too distracting. it’s homemade amateur porn!!

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