your daughter’s bully

♡ your daughter’s bully ♡
17 mins • I’m your daughter’s “best friend” and you pull me aside to talk to me about how I’ve been bullying her. I confess that I don’t actually like her, I just hang out with her so I can spend time with you. you’re such a good dad and husband, I just wish someone would take care of me the way you take care your family. I shower you with compliments and seduce you with my charm. I’ve seen you checking out my ass and I know you’ve been trying to get a peek at me, so why don’t I show you the kind of body you really deserve. I shake my ass for you, strip down to my panties and tell you it’ll be our little secret. I’ve always had a thing for married men and it turns me on so much that your wife doesn’t know about this. With lots of dirty talk and praise, I suck your dick and beg you to fuck me. I ride on your cock, bouncing my ass up and down on you, riding front and back until you cum all over my ass. I promise to be nice to your daughter, if you keep having these secret meetings with me.