tea for three

♡ tea for three ♡
15 mins • you and your girlfriend just moved in together and you invited me over for tea. I chat with you both while making some rude comments to your gf. she goes to the kitchen to make us some tea and I immediately spread my legs to show you that I’m not wearing any panties. you act nervous but I know the risk of getting caught turns you on. I tease and flash you, rubbing my pussy and reminiscing about all the times we’ve fucked behind your girlfriend’s back. I get so caught up playing with myself in front of you, your girlfriend almost catches us! she comes back and I chat some more, still flashing you my pussy. I suck on my fingers, still wet from my pussy, while she tells me about her boring life and I pretend to be interested. I ask her to check on the tea for us and as soon as she leaves, I’m back at it. I rub my pussy and tell you how bad I want your cock, as soon as I cum for you, she walks back in with the tea. I pull my skirt down and thank you both for having me over.