saving your marriage

♡ saving your marriage ♡
18 mins • I’ve been counseling you and your wife for a few months and decided to have you come in for a one-on-one session. I’ve noticed that you don’t have a very fulfilling sex life and I’m concerned that if we bring this up to your wife, she’ll just be offended and it will cause a fight. I’m not in the business of making couples argue even more, so I present you with a solution. you come here every week for a private session and I’ll give you an outlet for all that pent up sexual frustration. take it out on me, instead of your wife. that way everyone’s happy! and the best part is you have patient confidentiality, so there’s no way your wife will ever find out. trust me, I’ve got the best reputation in the business for a reason // loaded with roleplay dialogue, sexy nylons and high heels, handjob, blowjob, doggy style riding, and a creampie finish. your wife will be so happy with your new positive attitude, she’ll be begging you to come in for even more private sessions!