anal with my best friend

♡ anal with my best friend ♡
24 mins • my boyfriend isn’t talking to me. I asked him if we could try anal and he’s being all weird about it. I’m so glad I have you to talk to about it, you’re such a good friend. I just really wanna see what it’s like… and if he’s not interested, maybe you would wanna try it with me? it’s not really cheating if he doesn’t wanna do it anyway, right? just be really gentle. it’s my first time. ꕤ taboo cheating roleplay best friend first time anal ꕤ opens with dialogue intro, teasing, upskirt, booty, rubbing and fingering my asshole with dirty talk and dialogue throughout the entire video. using my fingers and a glass toy to warm up before taking your dick in my ass (penis shaped glass dildo) and cumming from anal while begging you to cum inside my ass. ends with a little bit of dialogue about how you’re better than my boyfriend