double stuffed

♡ double stuffed ♡
15 mins • my first time sucking cock while getting fucked! this was so hot and exciting for me! starts off with me POV sucking a thick dildo while my partner teases me from behind. he rubs his hard cock against my ass, pulls on my panties, rubs my clit, and slides my panties off to eat me out while I keep sucking, letting out soft moans. the moans get louder and louder as he fucks me doggystyle while I’m taking that huge cock in my mouth. he pushes my head into the cock until I’m gagging on it while he’s pounding away at my pussy. he rubs my clit, fingers my asshole, pulls my hair and my top and the way he fucks me makes me take the cock in my mouth deeper and deeper, the stokes matching up in a lovely rhythm. finally he pulls out and cums across my back, even hitting my hair, face, and the dildo lol