sister ruins no nut november

♡ sister ruins no nut november ♡
14 mins • you’ve been acting so weird lately, what’s going on with you? wait you’re seriously participating in no nut november? i thought that was a joke thing, do people really do that? so you haven’t cum for almost a month… you must be really sensetive to any kind of stimulation, and it must be so hard for you watching me prance around in my slutty little outfits // your bratty sister teases you verbally and visually, showing off my hips and ass in my fishnet tights. showing you my panties and rubbing myself all over, revealing more and more skin while you squirm but you can’t look away. I can tell you have a huge boner right now so why don’t you just jerk off a little bit, edge yourself while you watch me. you don’t have to cum, I wouldn’t do that to you. your cock looks so much bigger than the last time we fooled around, bro. what sounds like more fun to you: no cumming for a whole month, or a blowjob from your hot sister? // ends with a mouthful of cum and teasing you about failing no nut november.