step bro, I had a bad dream

♡ step bro, I had a bad dream ♡
15 mins • I woke up from a nightmare and couldn’t get back to sleep so I asked my step bro if I could come sleep in his room. I snuggled up into his bed and step bro decided to cuddle with me, he’s so sweet. he cuddles really close… “step bro, what are you doing? do you have a boner??” — I had to check for myself so I reach into his shorts and pull out his big hard cock. I think my brother wants to fuck me!! ♡♡♡ features overhead view of 3 different positions – spooning, missionary, and doggy style. plus POV doggy style and back to missionary for a huge creampie! lots of playful dialogue and begging for my step bro to cum inside me!