your cousin’s crush

♡ your cousin’s crush ♡
17 mins • pov you’re my cousin and you stole my journal! I wrote in my diary about my feelings for you and you read all of it, i’m so embarrassed! you tease me a little bit but reveal that you like me, too. we can’t do anything about it tho, right? you’re not supposed to feel that way about someone you’re related to. but if anything ever did happen, we both agree we would never tell anyone about it. especially not our parents! but if no one would ever find out… would you fuck me? I’ve been wearing these skimpy little outfits around the house trying to get your attention, and now that I finally know you like me back, what else are we supposed to do? just promise to keep it a secret and we can finally hook up. loaded with dialogue, this taboo roleplay features a hot blowjob scene in my pvc bodysuit + pov sex with my realdoll dildo and fuck machine. plus the creamiest my pussy has ever been in a video! ends with me cumming hard on your cock.