my pervy uncle

♡ my pervy uncle ♡
15 mins • I got kicked out of my parents house and beg my uncle to let me stay with him. I promise I won’t be any trouble, I’ll do chores and whatever you want, I just need somewhere to stay for tonight. I wake up in the middle of the night to my uncle touching me. I tell him he shouldn’t be doing that and he threatens to kick me out if I don’t suck his dick. I have nowhere else to go and it’s the middle of the night! I relunctantly start to suck his cock, telling him if he lets me stay here for longer, I’ll make it really good. I start to get more into it, playing with my nipples and rubbing myself over my panties. I moan and stroke his cock while I’m sucking, telling him how big it is and how wet I’m getting. then I get an idea… “if you let me stay here as long as I want, no chores, no rules, I’ll let you fuck me. I know you wanna feel hot tight and wet my sweet little pussy is” – my uncle pounds my pussy fast and hard until I cum on his cock and beg him to cum inside me.