babysitter’s secret arrangement 2

♡ babysitter’s secret arrangement 2 ♡
15 mins • hey sir, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out last week, I got an A on my test and I’m so close to having enough money saved up for a car! so, your wife is at pilates again today, I was thinking maybe I could work late again tonight? ♡ I take off my panties and show off my ass for you before laying down to study with my skirt pulled up so you get a nice view of my butt. after a while, I sit up and spread my legs wide open for you while I’m taking notes, but you seem less interested. I ask you what’s wrong and you tell me you want more this time. I’m still so unsure because I don’t want to upset your wife. but we make a deal and as long as I can keep studying, and you pay for the rest of my car, I’ll let you do whatever you want. I lay on my stomach again to finish studying and you fuck me from behind, I try to focus on my work but it’s so intense, I eventually close my notebook completely and tell you I’m on the pill. ends with a huge creampie