bouncing on daddy’s lap

♡ bouncing on daddy’s lap ♡
14 mins • if you liked my video “cuddle with me, daddy” you’ll love this new one :3 starts off with a sweet dialogue intro begging daddy to cuddle in bed with me.. please? you give into my pouty face plus a little teasing and tempting, wiggling my booty at you in my cute care bear dress. you let me be the little spo on and I grind my hips on you, pushing your cock against my butt. daddy starts to play with my panties, brushing your fingers over my sweet little pussy. I tell you how good it feels, it makes me wet! you tell me to sit on your lap and I get excited and start bouncing. I start to feel something hard and pull daddy’s cock out, in between my thighs. I keep grinding and bouncing with your cock tight between my thighs, rubbing against my pussy. following your instructions, I get it wet with my spit and stroke you with my hand, but then I get an idea.. if you want it to be wet, you should just put it in my panties, they’re soaking wet! your cock rest between my pussy and my panties as I start to rub myself and you at the same time. it feels so good I can’t stop until I cum on your cock. you tell me to keep stroking you until my panties get filled up with daddy’s cum.