your best friend’s little sister

♡ your best friend’s little sister ♡
17 mins • you must be looking for my brother. he’s not here and he’s probably going to be out all night, but you could stay and hang out with me if you want. I know I’m your friend’s little sister but I’m not so little anymore. I’m all grown up and I know you’ve been checking me out. I hear you and my brother talking about girls and I know all the things you like, so why dont you stay and see how much I’ve grown? I know you’re an ass man, but I know something else too… you wanna see what I can do with my feet? ♡♡♡ lengthy roleplay intro seducing you and telling you how grown up I am. teasing you with my ass and lots of dirty talk. rubbing oil all over my ass and feet, teasing your cock against my ass while I give you a foot job. dirty talk throughout, begging you to cum on my feet and ass.

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