cutie humps her pillow

♡ cutie humps her pillow ♡
9 mins • I started this as a quick little teaser clip but I got so turned on, I decided to keep going until I cum! in my cute t shirt, cotton thong, and cowprint socks, I hump my heart shaped pillow, taking off my t shirt to show you my cute pink bra underneath. I grind my hips, wiggle my ass, and pull my panties to the side while I’m moaning and riding. I pull out my vibrator, lick it to get it wet, and then slide it between my pussy and the pillow, moaning louder as I feel the vibration on my clit. I get really into it, grinding harder and harder before licking my finger and rubbing my asshole. I dig my fingers in, pressing against my sweet hole until I tell you I’m about to cum. ends with a sweet little booty wiggle as I catch my breath.