roleplay game with daddy

♡ roleplay game with daddy ♡
12 mins • daddy and I are on a cruise this weekend and I’m having an amazing time, but everyone keeps thinking we’re a couple! I keep telling them “he’s my dad, not my husband!” but wouldn’t it be funny if we pretend to be a couple? just while we’re on the cruise… nobody will know you’re really my dad! after a romantic dinner together, I don’t want it to end. can we keep roleplaying for the rest of our vacation? what would we do next, as a couple getting back to our hotel room…? I tease you with my soft tits and cute pink nipples, asking you to kiss me like I’m not your daughter. once daddy is fully on board, I ride your cock from the front and the back while saying dirty things like “it’s our secret vacation, nobody needs to know” and “nothing will ever feel as good as your daughter’s tight little pussy” – the dirty talk drives me over the edge and I cum so hard on daddy’s cock!