I only like older men

♡ i only like older men ♡
16 mins • you’re my dad’s friend, right? he’s not here right now, but I actually wanted to ask you something. you got divorced, right? i think that’s kind of hot, like it’s really mature. it’s like having stocks or whatever, like doing paperwork? how old are you anyway? wow that’s like twice my age, that’s so cool. the guys my age are just so lame, they don’t know how to handle a girl like me. they have no stamina and they’re really selfish, but you seem like an enthusiastic guy, you’d be really excited to fuck a hot young girl like me. your ex wife would be so jealous if she knew you got head from a girl so much younger than her. does my young pussy feel tighter? I can’t wait to feel that dad cock inside me. /// ditsy flirting with lots of age gap dialogue, blowjob with lots of dialogue, dildo riding front and back. titties out while I ride and taking my skirt off. begging you to cum inside me.