tinder guys are better than you

13 mins • I’m your hot roommate and you’re spying on me while I’m on the phone with my bestie. I tell her I’m browsing tinder looking for someone to fuck because I’m bored and she suggests that I have sex with you! we laugh at how absurd that is, I tell her you’re gross and I would never ever fuck you. We talk about all the guys on tinder as I read their bios. the sweet sensetive guy who writes poetry, the super fit yoga instructor, the cute gamer boy, the artsy gardener, the brewery bro, the foodie chef; they’re all better than you. each one has an interesting bio and attractive photos. but you… you’re just SO boring. you’re unattractive, uninteresting, it’s like you’re not even there. in fact, this is the most I’ve ever thought about you and you live in the same apartment as me! we talk about some guys I’ve hooked up with, details about how they fucked me so good and laugh about how you’re probably a virgin because I can’t image a girl wanting to get anywhere near you. you probably have a small dick and cum in your pants at the first sight of a woman. I finally decide to invite a guy over so I can fuck him while you listen from the next room and jerk off like a pathetic loser ♡ this video shows only me lying on my bed with my skirt pulled up so you can see my ass plus a second angle where you can see my face while I’m talking on the phone. no other nudity or penetration, just talking ♡