peeping professor

12 mins • I stop by to thank my professor for helping me out with an essay, I’m so excited because I got an A and can’t wait to show you. wearing a tight mini-skirt, I spread my legs absent-mindedly while rummaging through my backpack. when I realize I’ve been flashing you, I get so embarrassed but I mention that this isn’t the first time I’ve caught you looking. the next day I show up after class wearing another super tight super short mini skirt. I explain how I’ve seen you looking and I think you assigned my seat right in front of your desk on purpose so that you can see up my skirt. I demonstrate all the ways I spread my legs during your lectures without realizing. sometimes I even keep my legs crossed thru the whole class but when I get up to leave, I uncross them and you can see my panties. you can’t tell if I’m teasing you, trying to get you aroused, or just fucking with you in general. finally, I show up the day before graduation to say thank you for all your help this semester and one last thing before I go. I want you to get your cock out for me. I taunt you some more about how much you like to see your student’s panties, how I started wearing cute panties every day just for you, spreading my legs as wide as I can and sitting right at the edge of my seat so you have a perfect view while you cum for me.