step bro helps out

17 mins • I just got back from my first date ever and my step bro asks me how it went. okay, promise you won’t tell anyone? i had fun but something happened and I’m not sure what to do. we were in his car and we were kissing, then he put his hand between my legs and started rubbing me over my panties. it felt so good, but then he stopped. I didn’t want it to stop but I didn’t know what else to do. now I feel frustrated and disappointed. you can show me what to do? i don’t know, you’re my step bro, are you sure? you do know a lot more about this stuff than I do. okay, show me what to do. step bro starts rubbing between my legs and then gets his cock out! oh my gosh! okay, so I just stroke it like this while you rub me? that feels so good… what do we do next? I’ve heard about blowjobs, can we try that? step bro shows me how to give a really good blowjob and now I’m soaking wet, it feels like I want something else but I don’t know what! step bro tells me he can put his dick inside me. so I lay back and slide it inside me, grinding my hips and thrusting on step bro in missionary. I rub my clit until I cum on step bro’s cock. that was exactly what I needed, I feel so much better now. thanks, step bro!