your girlfriend’s little sister

16 mins • this elaborate roleplay video opens with me texting my sister’s boyfriend, pretending to be her. I tell him I’m home alone and want him to come over. when he shows up, I play coy “that’s so weird, she’s at her friend’s place tonight, it’s just me here” then I confess you to that my sister’s been cheating on you. you go outside for some air and I immediately text my friend telling her that my plan is working! my sister is gonna be pissed but she deserves it for ratting me out. I’m gonna get revenge on her. when you come back in, I’m sympathetic but tell you we should get back at her. I mean how could she be so horrible to you? you know what would really hurt her the way she hurt you? fucking someone close to her. her bestie wouldn’t go for it, but you know what would hurt even worse? fucking her little sister… I suck your cock, telling you how amazing it is, how you should have been fucking me instead of her this whole time, and comparing it to my sister. I ride your cock in doggystyle position telling you I’m like the tighter, younger, hotter version of my sister. I cum hard on your cock and after you leave, I text my friend again telling her that my plan worked! I can’t wait to see the look on my sister’s face when she finds out I fucked her boyfriend. she’ll think twice before crossing me again.

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