christian corruption 2

15 mins ♡ in this custom video, I’m an innocent christian good girl and you’re my boyfriend. we dedicate our lives to saving lost souls by helping them find god. I tell you how I met a boy today who calls himself a satanist and we urgently need to help him so that he can be saved. we start a prayer for him but we’re interrupted by him calling me on the phone. excitedly, I answer and tell you that he’s coming over to pray with us because god is helping us to save him. then the satanist boy tells me that he will try praying but only if I watch a video that he sent me. I say no at first but when he questions my faith, I tell him proudly that god will protect me and no video will break my bond with jesus. I hang up and start the video. I tell you to pray for me while I watch, but as soon as I see this video of naked, fornicating sinners surrounded by satanic imagery, something stirs inside of me. I get overwhelmed and start touching myself while yelling at you for not praying hard enough. by the time the satanist boy arrives, I’m so aroused that I jump on top of him, I kiss him deeply (with lots of tongue) and then rip off his shirt, undo his belt, and ride his cock. I’m on top the entire time with lots of different angles and varying positions of riding him. I tell you that you might as well give in and sin with us, I can tell you’re turned on so you should pleasure yourself while you watch us fuck. then I look to god and tell him how he’s failed me. he’s weak and we’ve found something better to worship. ends with a cumshot on my ass and a final message to god. ♡ please note: this is not a sequel to “christian corruption” but I used the same title as the original is a similar concept and was removed from some of my clip sites. if you’d like more info on the original video, head to my twitter and click the link in my bio there. ♡ this video was custom ordered and everything is performed according to the buyer’s request. if you’d like something different, order a custom video for yourself!