tutoring your girlfriend’s little sister

18 mins • thank you so much for offering to help me study. my sister said you’re really good at this stuff and I am gonna need all the help I can get if I’m gonna pass my exams. I know tutors usually charge a fee, but I actually don’t have any money right now. maybe there’s another way I could repay you… you wanna watch me study? wouldn’t you already be doing that? oh… without panties on… I don’t think my sister would be okay with that. wait, you’ll pay me? and all I have to do is lay here and study while you stare at my butt? are you gonna like, jerk off? idk I couldn’t do that to my sister, if she ever found out, she’d be so mad at me. you’ll pay me HOW MUCH? okay, I’ll do it // watch me study wearing a super short skirt and no panties. I slowly spread my legs further and further, giving you cute glances while you stroke it to me. I eventually tell you I’m about done with my studying so you should “finish up” and you cum all over my ass. my sister can NEVER know about this.