teasing my brother

17 mins • my brother and I are having an all-nighter together, watching movies, playing games, and messing around, when he starts to get tired. I playfully bounce on him to keep him awake when I feel something hard under me, curious, I start grinding my hips on it, trying to figure out what it is. when I realize he has a huge boner, I get embarrassed and confess that I’ve never seen on in real life before. he shows me and then tells me since he showed me his, I have to show him mine. so he asks to see my butt. I show off my ass and wiggle around for him and then tell him that it felt good bouncing on him and ask if we can do it some more. my brother uses his hard cock to tease me through my panties, but after a while, I get soaking wet and decide to just take them off. we nervously discuss whether it’s okay to keep going and I say I’m okay with it, as long as he doesn’t put it in me. I start thrusting on his cock, rubbing my clit against it, so wet you can hear it. and suddenly my brother shoves his cock in me! I start to talk but it just turns into moaning, I can’t find the words, it just feels too good. I can’t believe my brother is fucking me! I’m trying not to moan too loud so I don’t wake up our parents, but it’s so hard to stay quiet. just as I’m starting to get way too loud, my brother cums inside me! and it’s SO MUCH CUM. I freak out telling him I’m going to get pregnant and then I hear our mom coming down the hall!!

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