sister ruins no nut november 2

17 mins • this is a loose sequel to “sister ruins no nut november” but works great as a stand alone video too!
it’s that time of year again! I start teasing you about doing NNN, telling you it’s making you stressed out and it’s not worth it for a silly made up challenge. I start to seduce you, showing off my curves and wiggling my ass at you, my skirt slowly lifting to show my cute thong. I make you a very desirable offer, you can quit NNN early and I’ll give you a blowjob. how can you pass up head from your hot sister? you reluctantly give into me, you’re already throbbing hard so how could you resist?
as I work your cock with my lips and tongue, I reveal that I have a secret… I’ve been doing NNN this year too! and I was planning on just teasing you to make you fail but now I’m over the edge and I need that release. I haven’t cum in such a long time, please won’t you fuck me?
you don’t want to make us both lose the challenge but I tell you that if you don’t fuck me, I’m gonna call your friend and have him come over, you’ll probably get so turned on hearing your sister getting railed in the next room that you’ll just jerk off alone anyway. so would you rather jerk off and fail or fuck me and fail? in doggystyle, I ride, grind, and twerk on your cock with some dirty talk and lots of moaning. then you turn me over and fuck me in missionary until you feel my pussy get crazy tight and you know I’m about to cum. I beg you to cum inside me and then…. there’s a surprise plot twist at the end! no spoilers!