babysitter’s secret arrangement 4

19 mins • your favorite babysitter is back! i’m so excited for our “appointment” today – I’ve had my eye on a new phone and I’m gonna need a little extra “homework help” to get it. the mood shifts when you tell me you’re cutting me off! your wife is getting suspicious, but she’ll be a lot more suspicious if the babysitter suddenly quits after all the private tutoring you’ve been giving me. she knows I love it here, and even if she doesn’t suspect anything, I’ll make sure she finds out. I’ve gotten accustomed to our little deal and I’m not going back to working 2 jobs just to pay my rent so why don’t you let me just handle everything. I’ll tell your wife you’ve been a perfect gentleman and I’ll take care of all your stress. just get your cock out and relax. I expect a little extra on top this time for handling your marriage for you.
extra bratty and extra hot, your adorable babysitter sucks your thick cock in a teeny mini skirt, wiggling my hips and sprinkling dirty talk throughout. I’m not as innocent anymore, I’m in control now. I tell you to fuck me and you do as I say. on all fours, I work my hips and give you deep, slow strokes. moaning softly until you flip me over on my back and the fuck machine heats things up. I’m gonna earn that new phone. I rub my clit until I cum hard on your cock. ends with some sassy lil dialogue~