what my boyfriend doesn’t know

17 mins • we’re playing video games and I notice you staring at my tits so I start teasing you to distract you from the game. I win the game and make fun of you, wiggling my ass at you “what are you gonna do about it, huh?” I’m getting turned on teasing you but I tell you “if my boyfriend knew about this, he’d be so mad – good thing he’s not going to find out” I ask if you wanna play another round to redeem yourself or if you’d rather have a consolation prize. you get your cock out and I start sucking, telling you how much better you are than my bf, how I’ve been so bored with him and I need more than one cock to satisfy me. eventually, I look deep into your eyes and ask you to fuck me. in doggystyle, I pull my panties down and slide your cock inside me, riding and grinding on you until suddenly my boyfriend calls me! I pick up the phone and try not too moan but I can’t help it. we chat for a bit and I’m covering my mouth to try not to make any noise, still riding your cock. I lie and tell my bf I’m just hanging out with my girl friends tonight. I get so turned on from lying to my bf, as soon as I hang up the phone I start some intense dirty talk until I’m begging you to cum inside me. ends with a close up of cum dripping out of my pussy.