teacher’s pet

17 mins • you call me into your office and write me up for breaking the dress code. I beg you not to call my dad, I’m already in trouble for skipping class last week, please isn’t there something we can do? I stand and use the finger tip test to demonstrate the length of my skirt, and in the process, I accidentally flash my panties at you. I can see you getting flustered so I decide to tease you, sucking on my finger, slowly lifting my skirt, and telling you how we could just make this all go away. you don’t really want to call my dad, do you? what a headache. you should just relax and forget all about this. I finally get your cock out and I’m giddy when I see how big it is. I take it so good for you, with dirty talk and teasing. I take off my skirt and show off my hips and ass before laying back and rubbing my pussy. I pull my panties to the side and take your cock in squatting cowgirl position. I ride on you, softly moaning and telling you what a good girl I am. am I your favorite student? i’ve always wanted to be teacher’s pet. I cum on your cock while you cum inside me. ends with a classic squeezypeach surprise / plot twist