blackmailed by your gf’s little sister

14 mins •

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in this taboo roleplay custom, we just got back from an event and your girlfriend was busy so you took her little sister instead. when we get home, I tell you what a great time I had then start asking you about your relationship with my sister. I aggressively ask you very personal questions about your sex life, comparing myself to my sister. I tell you how much better I am than her, I’m younger and hotter and I give really good head. you’re reluctant and dismissive, but if you don’t play along with me, I’m going to tell your girlfriend than you took advantage of her sweet, innocent little sister. who do you think she’ll believe? I start sucking your cock, telling you how much bigger you are than the guys in my school. you cum really fast and I swallow all of it for you. I guess I must be better at giving head than my sister! you stay hard and I tell you how all the guys I usually give blowjobs too get soft right away. so that must mean you wanna fuck me, right? you try to deny it, but we both know you want me. I always get what I want and today is not going to be any different. I lay back and struggle to fit your huge cock in my tight little pussy. I’m determined to make it fit and once it’s in, you fuck me soft and sweet while I dirty talk relentlessly about how I’m better than your girlfriend, you’re better than the pathetic guys I usually fuck, and how younger pussy is so much better. you start to fuck me faster and harder and then I get on top. I love being in control of you. I ride you hard and I can tell you’re about to cum so I demand you cum inside me. you aren’t so sure but I tell you it’s gonna be okay. you want to cum inside me, I know you do. don’t worry, I’ll keep your secrets, just as long as you keep coming back for more!