your slutty new neighbor

21 mins • you just moved in next door and I invite you over, asking you about your experience with the neighborhood so far. you tell me that you talked to my nosy neighbor, she’s such a gossip, I hope she didn’t say anything about me! she told you I’m a slut! I’m so offended but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. what she doesn’t know is that I’m not just a slut. I hook up with all the guys on our block because I love anonymous sex. my favorite, however, is teasing. I love to slowly tempt you, making you tell me how bad you want it. I undress, shake my ass for you, suck your cock, and then rub you against my clit until you can’t hold back any longer and you shove your cock deep inside me. I ride on it (pov backshots) and dirty talk about how much I love to hook up with men I barely know and how good you feel inside me. instructing you to tell me how much you love it and how good it feels. eventually, you cum inside me and I rub it all over my ass. if you ever need some sugar, you’ve got a neighbor who will always help you out! soft domme vibes, i’m in control and telling you what to do, but not mean or bossy!