getting my brother back

23 mins • your bratty sister confronts you about your new girlfriend. she’s supposed to be a fake girlfriend, just a cover for us. you know, your actual long term relationship? but I know you’ve caught feelings for her and I don’t like it. do you really think some boring vanilla relationship with this random girl will satisfy you? she doesn’t even know you, not like I do. I know exactly what makes you tick, and I know you can’t resist the forbidden touch of your sister. I’m annoyed but I’m not actually worried about losing you because I know how bad you want me. I tease you relentlessly, stripping slowly, rubbing my pussy, your cock between my thighs, the head massaging my clit, constantly reminding you (with taboo dirty talk) what you really want. and how no other girl can give it to you. you’re my brother, my lover, and you’re mine forever.
includes a lengthy blowjob, missionary, and doggystyle with lots of different camera angles and positions, constant taboo dirty talk, plus some crazy hot close ups! ends with me cumming on my brother’s cock!