the virginity auction

25 mins • hi, I’m Abby! and I’m a virgin. I decided to auction off my virginity because I’ve always wanted my first time to be really exciting and special and this seemed like a great way to do it. plus I’ve always had a fantasy about losing it to a complete stranger. so if you’re interested, place a bid and I’ll notify the winner! good luck! once you’ve placed a bid, you’ll also receive a special video so you can get to know me (and my body) a bit better.

I’m so excited and nervous to meet the lucky winner – and the idea of losing my virginity to someone I just met is turning me on so much. I start off teasing you (I’ve gotten really good at that) but feeling your hands on me sends me over the edge, I need to feel you inside me. I give you my first blowjob ever and it’s so much fun, it turns me on even more until my body is craving your cock. I lay back and tease my pussy, rubbing you against me until you slip inside. as soon as you start thrusting into my virgin pussy, I go wild for it. this stranger is inside me and i love it! I get SO creamy while you’re fucking me and I moan intensely as I cum on a cock for the very first time.

this cute roleplay video is LOADED with teasing, creamy pussy, and dirty talk about fucking a stranger and how tight my innocent virgin pussy is.

video is in 4 parts – part one is introducing myself and explaining the auction. part two is the video you get after submitting a bid, I show off my body and dirty talk about how you get to fuck a virgin and how bad I want it. part 3 is notifying you that you won. and part 4 is the date/winnings – pov teasing, blowjob, and fucking scene. sex scene is all in missionary.