edged into submission

15 mins • you have me tied to a chair with a powerful vibrator between my legs. you’ve been edging me for WEEKS, denying me an orgasm. you know the more you tease me, the brattier I get. I’m begging you to let me cum, but you won’t give in. you use all my favorite toys on me, shoving your fingers in my mouth, pulling my hair, everything that turns me on. but every time I get close, you start to feel my pussy tremble, tighten, and throb against your fingers, you stop, leaving me in a contast state of desperation.
after a few rounds with the toys, I start bargaining. I offer you a threesome, you can make me watch while you fuck her, or you can fuck us both? what about the fuck machine, you love using it on me. I’ll let you go as hard as you want and I won’t complain. if you just let me cum PLEASE! you still won’t let up, you’ve been flicking the vibrator on and off at your leisure while I struggle in my chair, gasping out the words, moaning into your ear. I finally offer you what you want the most. my sweet little asshole. I’ll let you use my toys, the fuck machine, a plug… or even your cock. you’ve always wanted to fuck my ass. how about you plug me up, get me nice and ready for you, take me out for a romantic day together but my asshole is being prepared for you, for when we get home. wouldn’t you like that?
nothing works. you won’t give in. I finally give up. you win. I’m sorry. I’ve been such a brat and I know better than to protest. do whatever you want and I’ll be grateful.
with my complete submission, you finally let your good girl have what she wants.