sister lost the bet

24 mins • I lost a bet and you seriously think I’m going to suck your dick? it was obviously a joke! but this isn’t funny… how did you get those photos? I was sexting with some random guy online, how could those get back to YOU? as long as you delete everything and never speak of this again…. fine. I’ll give you a blowjob. // you tell me to get on all fours and show you my ass in little black panties and fishnets. getting yourself warmed up for your biggest fantasy to finally come true. I’m so grossed out, I barely suck the tip of your dick. then I think better of it and give it everything I’ve got so we can get this over with faster. but you’ve got other plans. you pull up a video on your phone and I make fun of you for watching porn during a blowjob but then I realize it’s ME in the video. how did you get that?? what’s so funny? you finally reveal the truth. you made a fake account so you could sext with your own sister! I can’t believe this, it’s so embarrassing. no one can ever know about this so I have to do whatever you want me to do if I don’t want this awful secret to get out.
you tell me to bend over the bed and pull down my panties, to get it wet for you by fingering myself while you watch me. are you really going to fuck me? I can’t believe this… you slide your cock in and fuck me hard over the edge of the bed. I moan but continue making remarks at you, nothing too degrading but I’m very bratty. you push me onto the bed and fuck me with my knees up to my chest, telling me to touch myself. I rub my clit and try not to cum but I can’t help it. I cum hard on your cock and you pull out to reveal you came inside me.
TABOO CUSTOM ORDER !! nothing too intense but I’m extra bratty and not happy with you.