please don’t fire me

21 mins • you call me into your office to discuss my performance. I know I’m late sometimes, but the customers love me! please don’t fire me, I really like it here. and I thought everyone liked me too. well if you like me so much, why are you firing me? you propose a deal for me to keep my job – i guess you really do like me – I’m nervous but I do what you tell me to. I take off my top and then bend over and pull my skirt down so I’m only in my underwear. sir, I can see your erection… oh. so you’re going to jerk off while you watch me? I guess that makes sense. I spread myself for you, I’m so shy and I’ve never done anything like this before. you instruct me to pull my panties down and spread myself for you to admire my holes. then you tell me to touch myself. I admit I’m pretty wet but this is all so new to me, I haven’t had much time to think it over. I don’t wanna be that girl who only got the job because I’m pretty. I’m a good employee. you tell me I’m your favorite and that makes me feel a bit better. I touch myself and spread for you until suddenly your hard cock is pressed between my thighs. oh my gosh, sir! I dunno… it feels good and I want it but I just feel so icky about this. I can’t help myself tho and I rub my clit against your cock until you slip inside and before I know it you’re railing me from behind while i’m moaning like crazy and making you tell me I’m your favorite employee. you tell me to touch myself again and that makes me cum on your cock so fast, but I keep going begging you to cum inside me.