daddy’s new game

14 mins • my first girl/girl custom video with the adorable Madisyn Wood! we wanna show daddy a new trick we learned with our stuffies! we rub ourselves on our big teddy and tell daddy to watch us, it feels so good! we grind and bounce and daddy suggests that we kiss each other! that sounds silly, but we try it and it’s so good, we can’t stop kissing! we keep going until daddy tells us he knows something that feels even better, we’re so excited to learn! I pull Madi’s panties to the side and follow daddy’s instructions to lick my fingers and rub her pussy. she moans like crazy, it looks like she’s really enjoying this, daddy! next I learn how to slowly thrust my finger into her tight wet pussy. I finger her and she goes wild for it, but she wants to try it on me now! she follows the same instructions to rub me and finger me, with lots of cute dirty talk, until daddy tells us it’s time for the best part – we get to lick it! we’re nervous but so excited, Madi licks my pussy and I moan so much for it, it feels better and better until something really intense happens, my first orgasm! you have to try this, Madi! my turn to lick and lick until Madi cums too! thanks for teaching us, daddy! this is what sisters are for!