big brother teaches me about condoms

25 mins • just got back from the shops with big bro and I snoop through his shopping bag while he’s fighting with his gf on the phone. I pull out a box of condoms he just bought and ask what they are. he says they’re for his hf but she’s mad at him so I guess they don’t need them anymore. I’m still confused and I beg big bro to show me how they work. he’s been peeking up my skirt this whole time and he’s already a little hard from that so he agrees to show me, but he says first I have to help him get ready. I’m confused but intrigued so I do as he says, lifting up my skirt and spreading myself for him. I wiggle my hips and then take off my panties and rub my pussy. are you ready now?? he tells me to lay on the bed and shows me how to open the condom and roll it onto his penis. I’m having so much fun with the condom and all of a sudden, my brother rams his cock into my mouth. oh my gosh! is this what you are your gf do?? I’m nervous but curious so I let him keep going. he fucks my mouth hard until I’m drooling and gagging. after a while, I get bored and ask if there’s anything else we can do with the condoms? he tells me to sit on it. I don’t really know what this means but okay… I try to sit on it but nothings happening until once again, my brother is shoving his cock inside me. I really don’t think that’s gonna fit, bro… but after some effort, it’s finally in and I bounce on his cock. this is so fun! you know I’ve never done this before, I guess I’m not a virgin anymore. he lays me down in missionary and fucks me until we both cum. but I feel something warm and wet spilling out of me… uh oh, I think the condom broke!