about abby

hey I’m abby! you can find all my social media pages @squeezypeach

I’m your favorite redhead internet girlfriend! I’ve been an online sex worker since 2017, starting with live streams on chaturbate and making my way over to manyvids shortly after. I specialize in taboo roleplay, fetish videos, and girlfriend experience – I love making fun, plot-heavy videos!

I love horror movies (some favs are The VVitch, Cabin in the Woods, Haunting of Hill House) – my favorite movie of all time is Boogie Nights.
I listen to mostly pop and indie music with a big soft spot for folk punk – my favorite band is The Mountain Goats.
My hobbies include arts & crafts, video games, thrifting, and decorating my apartment with fun colorful decor. My favorite video game is Breath of the Wild, and I play a lot of cozy sim games and puzzle games.
I’m a vegan, a leftist, and I’ve always got the H3 podcast or Hasan’s twitch stream playing in the background.
I have two little bunnies who are the absolute loves of my life; Biscuit and Oliver. Biscuit is a 4 year old beige mini lop, I got her when she was just 8 weeks and she’s my sweet little angel baby. Ollie is a 9 month old lionhead holland lop mix and he’s my little rat boy, always causing chaos. My rabbits have always been free roam, everything the light touches belongs to them.
I have somewhere around 30 tattoos, getting more all the time! my favorites are the AJJ cat on my wrist and my newest tattoo, a zelda blupee on my leg!

♡ sex work specific disclaimers ♡

I offer custom videos, live shows, photo sets, panties, messaging, gfe services, & lots more! check out all my services here! if there’s something you want that you don’t see on my services page, just ask!

sexting is a sometimes thing – I can do sexting sessions on snapchat or sextpanther, I’ve had my sextpanther turned off since last year but if you reach out I can turn it back on to chat with you.
♡ I am never available for last minute sessions ♡
everything must be scheduled ahead of time. this includes sexting and other messaging sessions, gfe, customs, etc. the *only* exception to this rule is if you catch me on cam on a slow night and I have my private shows turned on. otherwise, you can schedule a private show thru my services page.

I don’t do ahegao, race play, racial fetishization, mommy roleplay, vomit, scat, or full service. Anything else, just ask and I’ll let you know. if you’re pushy about meetups or asking for my location, you’ll be blocked.

my favorite roleplays and fetishes are step bro, daddy, cousin, cheating, and intimate gfe style videos! I don’t have any particular fetishes of my own, but I love trying out new stuff.

wanna get on my good side? here’s some things I love to see!
♡ respectful inquiries – be direct, let me know upfront what you want, talk to me like a person not a sex bot.
♡ be payment ready – if you ask for a custom and then message me weeks later saying you’re ready to pay, I’ll likely turn you down just out of annoyance. my prices are valid for 48 hours, after that, pricing may change based on how busy I am, or how long you took to get that payment ready
♡ always ask before paying – this applies to any kind of customs or live show tips that aren’t direct purchases from my menu/shop. don’t tip me a random number and then tell me what to do, that’s not how this works. if you want something, ask how much!
♡ don’t rush me – you ordered a custom 5 days ago and my turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. don’t message me asking if it’s ready yet. I will let you know when it’s ready. I am very good at keeping you in the loop on your orders, especially when it comes to physical items and customs, I will always let you know if there are unexpected delays. good quality work takes time.
♡ include every last detail *before* paying – this applies to custom orders and live shows. if you pay for a custom and then ask for “one more thing!” expect to pay for that extra thing. if you tip me for a titty flash and then say “now flash your pussy” that needs to include the tip amount for flashing pussy. there is no scenario where I’m gonna just give it to you for free because you told me to
♡ don’t ever ask to work with me! I am not interested in collaborating with cis men – ever! I only make boy/girl videos with my partner and girl/girl videos with my besties.
♡ just be nice please. I don’t like meanies. and you’re not as slick as you think you are so just be straightforward with me. if you’re here wondering why you’ve been blocked, it’s likely one of those reasons ^