Category: Fetish

  • gg sneaker fetish

    gg sneaker fetish

    14 mins • we saw you checking us out from across the bar and invite you to come watch us make out. we kiss for a while, showing off for you, before I realize that you’re staring at our sneakers. you’re really into them, aren’t you? why don’t you focus on my sneakers while I…

  • pee compilation

    pee compilation

    13 mins • custom pee compilation videooooo watch me pee everywhere! on the floor, in the sink, in a jar, in the tub, multiple scenes for each location plus tons of super close up shots including one with a teeny tiny camera that gets sooo close to my pee hole!

  • teeth wedgies

    teeth wedgies

    11 mins • custom wedgies! compilation style with multiple scenes and outfits. I crawl under my bed and get stuck! I call out for help and Em comes over and pantses me! I squirm and squeal as Em grabs my panties between their teeth and yanks them hard. I struggle but Em keeps giving me…

  • christian girls make do

    christian girls make do

    23 mins • I’m so excited to meet a like-minded christian friend. you came over for bible study and I lay down, copying scripture into my notebook. I’m completely oblivious that you can see up my skirt the entire time. I choose a verse from proverbs at random and I get so overwhelmed by the…

  • show and tell

    show and tell

    12 mins • it’s show and tell day and I was told to bring my favorite thing to play with. I knew immediately what I would choose! it’s so cute and squishy, warm and soft, there’s so many different parts to explore and different ways to play with it! and best of all, it feels…

  • dirty sneaker fetish joi

    dirty sneaker fetish joi

    18 mins • do you wanna see how dirty my white platform converse sneakers have gotten? every scuff, every stain, every scratch… the dirty soles, the worn out logo, the laces… do you wanna feel them against your skin? remember that fresh rubber smell when they came out of the box? that’s gone now and…

  • daphne takes your manhood

    daphne takes your manhood

    11 mins • my first ever penectomy custom! brutal femdom – scooby doo daphne and fred roleplay – knife play ! in this intense custom video, you wake up tied to a chair with Daphne in front of you, looking into your eyes. she condescendingly explains how you and Shaggy have been on the hunt…

  • distracting you – mouth fetish blowjob

    distracting you – mouth fetish blowjob

    19 mins • you’re so busy working but I want your attention. I beg you to come relax with me but you tell me to wait so I pout for a while then decide to tease you until you give in. I strip off my sweater and slip out of my skirt, wiggling my booty…

  • sneaker joi edging challenge

    sneaker joi edging challenge

    28 mins • your fav sneaker girl is back with an intense joi edging challenge! 5 rounds, each with its own theme, loaded with dirty talk and jerk off instructions. let the world melt away and focus only on me and my sneakers. I switch back and forth between my white platform converse and my…

  • study my sneakers

    study my sneakers

    17 mins • you’re the nerdy guy from my math class and i’m the popular girl you have a crush on. I invite you over to study for our math exam and explain that even though we have nothing in common, I really need your help to pass this exam. while studying, I’m absentmindedly stroking…