Category: Intimate GFE

  • romantic gfe

    romantic gfe

    5 mins • short but extra sweet! this mini custom features me totally nude wiggling around in bed, showing off my curves and butt with quick peeks at my pussy from behind. with romantic gfe dirty talk I tell you how I want you to touch me, feel me, taste me, turn me on and…

  • beautiful agony

    beautiful agony

    6 mins • no cuts, no edits. just 6 straight minutes of pleasure. watch me wiggle and squirm, letting out soft moans while I use my vibrator to stimulate myself until I cum with shaking legs.

  • your girlfriend doesn’t deserve you

    your girlfriend doesn’t deserve you

    18 mins • I pick up the phone, excited to hear from my best friend, but you tell me you got in a fight with your gf AGAIN. she’s always picking fights with you and trying to control your whole life. I invite you over to help take your mind off things when you reveal…

  • ghost girlfriend

    ghost girlfriend

    15 mins • boo! it’s me, your ghost girlfriend, here to suck your soul out of your body. watch me tease you with my ass and pussy until you’re completely under my control. some very light dommey dialogue will have you at my mercy. you can’t resist my lips wrapped around your cock and my…

  • aching for nathan

    aching for nathan

    14 mins • a very natural no makeup messy bun look, wearing a barely there peach tone night gown, I tease you with my soft skin and soft whimpers as I beg for your touch. I want to feel your hands on my body, exploring every part of me. this video is sensual, passionate, intimate,…

  • christmas morning

    christmas morning

    ♡ christmas morning ♡ 21 mins • good morning, babe. I know you said all you want for christmas is to stay in bed with me and cuddle all day, but I have something a little more fun planned for us… this slow burn video starts with lots of teasing and sweet gfe dialogue. I…

  • pure romance

    pure romance

    ♡ pure romance ♡ 18 mins • with a slow build full of passion and eroticism, you’ll be edging along with me the whole time. I slowly caress my body and beg you to touch me. with romantic dirty talk, I yearn for you to fill me up. embracing my own body, I warm myself…

  • impregnating your best friend

    impregnating your best friend

    ♡ impregnating your best friend ♡ 14 mins • we’ve been best friends forever and I have something to tell you. I want to get pregnant. I’ve been looking into it, I went to the sperm bank and they gave me this big folder full of men I could choose from, but I just kept…

  • gfe for chris

    gfe for chris

    ♡ gfe for chris ♡ 18 mins • hey Chris, wanna have some fun? I wanna feel your hands all over my body, I want you to tease me with your cock, play with my tits and cum hard on your cock ♡♡♡ the last of my holiday GFE specials! this one using the name…

  • just like heaven

    just like heaven

    ♡ just like heaven ♡ 12 mins • want to feel what it’s like when an angel sucks your cock? passionate, erotic, calming, and intense all at once // this video starts off with me teasing you and showing off my tits and pussy in a frilly cherub bodysuit while soft music plays… as the…