GG Customs FAQ

  1. Who are you collaborating with? Madisyn Wood !
    I am in talks with a few other girlies who I may be working with soon, but for now the only confirmed collaborator I am working with is Madi 🙂
  2. Can you do BGG? no. this *may* change in the future but for now it’s a hard no.
  3. Can you do GGG? no. this *may* change in the future but for now it’s a hard no.
  4. Can I order a custom right now? yes! please reach out on MV, discord, snapchat, or twitter if you’d like to purchase a g/g custom
  5. How long is turnaround time? right now we are planning to do one day a month where we will film all the orders we have so turnaround time will depend on when you place your order, but the earliest would be about 1 week and the longest would be about 5 weeks.
  6. What kind of content will we be available for? taboo roleplay is a YES. fetish clips depends on the request. hard limits are listed on my custom order form
  7. How much will it cost? you’re paying two people so expect it to be around twice the price. I won’t have solid numbers until you submit a request, as always it’s based on the content requested. what I can tell you is that we’re looking to make long form content, videos in the 10-15 minute range, and while the pricing will vary, I recommend not reaching out unless you’re prepared to pay at least $250-300. basically double the typical custom price from me. We may occassionally run specials and deals in the future so you can wait for those if you can’t afford it right now. for short clips, it will be cheaper HOWEVER. and this is IMPORTANT. if you request a complicated video and say you want “5 minutes” because you can’t afford something longer, you will be denied. 5 minute clips should be one simple scene like a quick fetish clip. not a roleplay. not orgasms. not complicated.
  8. Can we say your name in the custom? please don’t say “damn” when you hear the price…
  9. Will you be doing g/g for store item customs like “mini customs”, “choose your own adventures” etc? no.
  10. Will you be doing g/g custom audios? probably.
  11. What other g/g services are available? we will be camming together so keep an eye out for that, I will be broadcasting it everywhere as soon as we have a date locked in. we will also be offering g/g dick rate videos (pricing will be available soon) and possibly some other g/g store items like duo care packages, etc.