super sale

taboo roleplay custom super sale is back!

read below for more info!

I finally got through all the backorders from my broken finger lol so to celebrate, let’s get some new custom orders in !!!

here’s some extra info to consider before messaging me:
✨ all videos will be around 15 minutes long. more than 10 and less than 20. no time limit requests.
✨ pricing, as always, is based on how much I like the idea for the video and how much creative freedom you give me. the more specific you are, the more it will cost. no full scripts. 
✨ this special is for taboo roleplay videos!! do not ask me for fetish content. no feet, no extreme cursing, no saying your name. the point of this deal is to make videos that will sell well in my shop! 
✨ if you’d like an even cheaper deal, check out my Choose Your Own Adventure in my store items! it’s $40 to pick a title off my list of ideas, I’ll even give you a little outline of the video before you purchase to make sure you’ll like it!

comment on my custom order form to submit your idea! and be sure to mention that you want THIS DEAL.
I’m only accepting the first 5 orders on this deal so HURRY UP!