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  • beautiful agony

    beautiful agony

    6 mins • no cuts, no edits. just 6 straight minutes of pleasure. watch me wiggle and squirm, letting out soft moans while I use my vibrator to stimulate myself until I cum with shaking legs.

  • joi edging challenge

    joi edging challenge

    29 mins • this epic joi edging challenge custom features 7 intense rounds with only 2 rules. you must keep your hand on your cock at all times and you can’t cum until I tell you to. think you can handle it? I won’t reveal the specific rounds or the order they occur in, but…

  • christmas morning

    christmas morning

    ♡ christmas morning ♡ 21 mins • good morning, babe. I know you said all you want for christmas is to stay in bed with me and cuddle all day, but I have something a little more fun planned for us… this slow burn video starts with lots of teasing and sweet gfe dialogue. I…

  • lost in space

    lost in space

    ♡ lost in space ♡ 11 mins • I’m a lone astronaut out on a mission when I lose my way. Scared and alone, I try to reach out for help but I’ve lost contact with my Command Center and no one can hear my cries. I gasp for breath, running low on air. I’m…