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  • good girl for daddy

    good girl for daddy

    7 mins • I’m such a good girl for you, daddy. all I want is to make you happy and take your cock in my throat so good for you. please fuck my throat until I gag and drool all over it. I wanna make daddy cum in my sweet mouth, I’m such a messy…

  • i need you, daddy

    i need you, daddy

    21 mins • daddy, we need to have a talk. you haven’t been paying enough attention to me. I miss cuddling with you… and the other stuff. I know you’re just trying to do the right thing but I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I want you. I need you. don’t you want me,…

  • I belong to daddy

    I belong to daddy

    16 mins • you made me ♡ I’m yours ♡ I belong to you ♡ In this adorable ddlg roleplay, daddy walks in on me naked, he watches me for a minute before announcing himself and asks why I’m naked. “didn’t I tell you, dad? I’m a nudist now!” you tell me to cover up…